Dr. Rajan Mahtani - The Guiding Light Of The Finance Bank Of Zambia

Dr. Rajan Mahtani, the Chairman of the Finance Bank of Zambia, has never ceased to find a significant place in the news. Whether, it’s his enthusiastic attachment with the downtrodden folks of the country or his relentless struggle to steer the success of the Finance Bank of Zambia, Dr. Mahatani has always proved himself successful in every possible ways. Not only has he come out untainted after being imprisoned following the alleged conspiracy of forgery against him, but also he has managed to take the Finance  Bank of Zambia to a new heights, even after the dire effects of the possession period. Here, you can discover all those known and unknown facts about this man and can get to know how he could re- establish the lost glory of the Finance Bank of Zambia and lead itself to the forefront of the economic  scenario of the country.

He is a man, who has always nourished his enthusiastic devotion for the well-being of Zambia, he is certainly Dr. Rajan Mahtani, the chairperson of Finance Bank of Zambia and the renowned businessman of the country. But, in spite of having some prestigious prefixes before his name, what makes him really acceptable to the countrymen is his devotion to work for them. Simultaneously, he is equally successful as a true businessman, a human being with high morality and a pure soul having faith in the Strength of Almighty.