Dr. Mahtani & Zambia

A true believer of Almighty, Dr. Rajan Mahtani, from his early days was a listener of the miseries of the poor.  In spite of being blessed with pretty affluence by kinship, he has never ceased to think about the unprivileged folks of the country. Perhaps, this is the  reason,  why he  has  invested so much of resources ( both in terms of time  and money)  for the  well being of the  downtrodden of his land. As a Chairman of the Finance Bank of Zambia, he took proactive steps to create employment opportunity for the deprived and underprivileged people of the country.  Quite obviously, he is always being venerated as the “savior” of the poor and the vile conspiracy of forgery charged against him could actually do no harm to his popularity. It became pretty clear during this phase that no matter how hostile the world turned towards him, for the exploited class of the society he will never be less than a Divine figure.

Right from the early stage of his stint as a Chairman of the Finance bank, he had introduced a slew of financial plans, most of which are essentially aimed at the well-being of the poor. As a responsible human being as well as citizen, Dr. Mahtani’s contribution to strengthen Country’s economy can never be denied. Since the inception of his career as a sole decision making body of the  Finance Bank, he has always worked for elevating the peace, safety, health, wealth and happiness for future generations.

What evokes an undying sense of respect for him is his unshaken faith on truth as well as the Super power. After the charges of forgery and money laundering brought against the Finance Bank, Dr. Mahtani was imprisoned. Although the vile conspiracy was a plot contrived by the Rupiah-Banda Government in agreement with some of the despicable defaulters, Dr. Mahtani never lost his trust on the Law and Order of the State. Accordingly, he was exonerated with no trace of fraud or laundering found against him.